Painted Plywood Floors

When we moved in to our fixer upper home, we ripped out the old doggie smelling carpet with plans to replace it within a few weeks with this laminate flooring.


As the months rolled by and flooring was placed down in the kids’ bedrooms, it became apparent to us that the master bedroom floors were not level and thus laying the laminate would not be as easy as we thought.

Then our shower began to leak into the basement, the issue of the bay windows’ water damage weighed heavy on our minds, and cancer treatment bills piled up. (Skin cancer—took care of it and nothing to fret about now.)

I’ve learned a thing or two about myself during this past year:

1. I love to get a good deal and save money but…

2. I am not good at living in the midst of unfinished projects; in fact, I probably should never live in a fixer upper again. I can buy one again, but I best get it “fixed” before I move in!

3. My husband and I will never be a “Chip and Joanna Gaines HGTV duo” 😉

A year went by and I was still looking at these floors:


We had just torn down our bricks from the bay windows to get at the water damage and put hardy plank up with our tax refund, so I knew my floors would not be top on our list this year either. Not wanting to look at these for another day, let alone another year, I went to all things social media and found a plethora of websites with great advice on painting plywood, stenciling patterns, and making your floors look super cute for cheap!

I learned I could purchase interior porch & floor paint and not have to do another top coat of polyurethane or varnish. This especially appealed to my “tackle and get it done quickly” mindset. I loathed the idea of putting a top coat on and waiting endless days for it to dry!

Here are the end results and the process of painting my bedroom and dining room floors. I do hope to get some brown floor paint, make my own stencil from a favorite fabric print, and paint a stencil in certain areas of the floor, but that’s for another day!

Materials I used:
Valspur Interior porch and floor paint, Slate Stone

Wood filler

KILZ primer  used the whole can for my bedroom and closet

3/8 nap roller

First I cleaned, washed, and vacuumed my floors.

I also repaired any of the grooves that I felt would cause splinters.
I also repaired any of the grooves that I felt would cause splinters.

Second, I put a primer down on my bedroom floor, but didn’t do this on my dining room floor. I always wonder if primer is really needed, so, I wanted to try it out on the bedroom floors since it was a much bigger space to cover.


Then I did the edging around the trim areas.

Painted with a brush around the trim areas and then followed that with a roller using my broom stick attached to the roller. I painted 2 coats as recommend by the retailer and below are the ends results.




I asked my daughter if she liked the floors, “I don’t know if I like the color, but it does make the house feel more like a home.” For me, that’s all the affirmation I needed.


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  1. Way to go Jenny! You are industrious, thrifty, imaginative, intelligent, conscientious, patient and then some…

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