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As I type this I can hear my husband hammering, bricks crumbling, and my children enjoying the progress of demolition. We just received our tax refund and are now tackling the bricks around our bay windows.

Everyone loves a good HGTV home improvement show, at least that’s what the ratings reveal! I enjoy watching the process of a home turned upside down and then recreated into something extraordinary, something outside of what I could have imagined it to become.

It’s been a year since we bought this home and our money didn’t stretch as far as we thought it would, but we’re grateful for what we have. Most of our changes are simple; we moved in, changed some flooring, had some furniture donated to us, and did some painting. Below are a few before and now pictures…


The living room walls will eventually get painted along with the fireplace bricks, but for now we have moved in some furniture and enjoy hosting anyone who wants to come visit us. If anyone knows how to get rid of those french door window panels, I would be forever grateful; I hate looking through my windows and my vision being bothered with those panels!

Master room, door leads out to the screen porch047

Still need flooring in this space, but we painted the walls brown and painted all the furniture donated to us different shades of blue. I created the pallet sign above the bed and look forward to adding a few other pieces to that wall in the future.DSC_0639

Tore up the blue carpet, and with the help of a friend, we tackled the walls with brown paint. I’m getting the hang of spray painting and decided to freshen up some donated pieces of furniture with different shades of blue, and I created the pallet sign above the bed and bookcase. I look forward to adding a few other pieces to the walls in the future…we still have a French bidet in the bathroom if anyone wants to come get it 😉


Too much white and tiles! With the help of a dear ‘ole college friend, we stripped off the wallpaper and painted the walls the same as the bedroom brown, which helped tone down all that white.


Our walk in shower unit started leaking into our basement, so Peter took out all the tile and now we wait until we have the money to repair it…I won’t be holding my breath for that to be anytime soon…LOL. Eventually, we hope to remodel the entire bathroom, making better use of the space and perhaps getting rid of the jet tub that takes up so much room with its size and tiled steps.

Looking at the front door entrance from the living room

DSC_0641 DSC_0643

Replaced the carpet and Peter built us the coat rack. Eventually, I would like to get rid of the white tile as it is a pain to keep clean! Perhaps put in the same flooring from the entrance into the dining room?

Though I appreciate the picnic table we were given and it is awesome to have for company, I miss the China days of eating at a round table. Eventually I’d like to make a 72 inch round table using this spool!


I still don’t understand how someone could build a home in the 90s and not paint their cupboards by now! Not much has changed in the kitchen other than the fridge, and we took the oven wall unit down and replaced it with a standing oven. Would LOVE to remodel this space eventually, especially those tile counter tops!

065 064

DSC_0649 DSC_0648

This basement space has really been a blessing to us.  I’m not sure we will ever have the funds to finish the basement, but I’m also not sure we want to now! When it rains (which is often here) the little ones can ride their scooters and tricycles and the teens can enjoy the air hockey, foosball, and dart board. We’re fortunate to have been given almost everything you see in the pictures–what a blessing! The kids have also been using the tent as their animal hospital…creative little ones!


This new laminate flooring was put into the kid’s bedrooms and hallway; we still have a stack of it waiting to put into our bedroom too.


Possibly my favorite place to be…our backyard. We made a fire pit, marked off some trails in the woods, the kids made a fort, and we were given these outdoor play sets. The kids also received a go-kart from the grandparents which they enjoy riding around the perimeter of our yard. It’s a great place to hang out and enjoy life!

I wonder what it will look like next year?!




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  1. Thanks Sue! Including the unfinished basement and garage, it is about 5000 sqft! We certainly do not lack for room.

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