Prayers have been answered…

With 5 kids living on a one income family, I didn’t have expectations of anything fancy for our new home. In fact, as we looked for over a year, I realized that most homes in our budget were around 1400-1600 sq ft, rarely sat on more than a 1/2 acre and didn’t come with upgrades like granite counter tops, etc.

After about 6 different house offers being turned down or our offers being beat by someone else, I guarded my expectations on what we’d be able to afford and finally get.

Well meaning friends and family would comment that the delay in finding the right home was because God was preparing something fantastic for us. I appreciated the sentiments, but had a hard time processing it.

I wanted to be content with whatever I received, even if it was the 1100 sq ft home we tried to buy or the double wide mobile home that our offer was turned down on, so I didn’t want to set my hopes up too high; I guarded my heart and wanted to be content.

And then this listing came up and my mouth dropped open. A foreclosure with 2555 sq ft of living space, an unfinished basement the same size (basements are fairly rare in GA), a two-car attached garage (garages are fairly rare in our price range), a screened in back porch, and this on one acre in a peaceful setting close to Peter’s work. And last but not least, in our budget!

Well friends, it has some fixing up to be done, but we just marvel at what we finally were able to purchase! Come visit us, we seriously have more than enough room for ya!

That tree/bush by the front porch needs to leave 🙂


Front door
Front door
After walking through the front door, you can walk straight ahead and go through these french doors to the screened in deck. The wood floors are the main living room, the blue carpet (which I hate) are two side room/areas, and the kitchen is off to the left–you can see the bay window. Oh and the chandelier…not my favorite thing.
Looking at the front door entrance from the living room
Looking at the front door entrance from the living room, the blue carpeted area on the left will be where the TV will be, the blue carpeted area on the right is going to be the dining room. Off to the right you can see the door leading down to the basement…and how about those columns?!–LOL, not sure what to think of those!
In the dining room looking into the living room, I love the open concept of this space! Hallway off to the right


Inside one bedroom, hallway with closets to the left (another perk this home had that most didn’t; closets galore!). Bathroom straight ahead,which is a pretty cool set up, picture it with me: a toilet, then a little hallway with a bath and then another “wing” with a toilet. Each wing has a sink too. So, what that means is the boys have a room that is connected to the girls by a bathroom and each have their own toilet/sink wing and share a bath.

Master room, door leads out to the screen porch
Master room, door leads out to the screened deck


Another angle for the master room; door to the left is a walk-in-closet, mid door is a toilet/sink, and right door is a little room we will turn into a craft/library room


Master room, I am speechless about this one, seriously…would have never thought I would have this in my room! The fireplace is two way–so when I am in my tub I get to watch the fire (if it works–still testing things out), or I can see it while in bed.


Master bath, jet tub does not work yet, also has a shower in there with some grungy tiles–but we’ll tackle one thing at a time! Wall paper must go down 😉 Not a fan of the tiles either, but whatever, I’ll get used to it.


If the fireplace was a surprise to me in the master bedroom, this french bidet threw me for a loop!! At first I thought it was a urinal; nope, it’s a french bidet. I’ve done singing toilets in Korea, squatties and even troughs with running water below me in China, and dirt holes in Mexico…but never a french bidet! And even though I own one now, I still won’t be using it!

054 056

This is an intercom/radio system of sorts. Haven’t figured this out yet.


Kitchen needs some work, it has tiles for the counter top and some ugly cabinets that don’t close properly, but it’s by far the largest I’ve seen in our budget, lots of counter space.


The oven size reminds me of China…we’ll need to get a new one and figure out what to do with the range on the counter–I like it, but not sure how to get a new stove and figure out where to put it. If we don’t get new cabinets, I’ll definitely be painting these!


The screened in deck: I imagine mornings sipping coffee here! The two french doors open to our living room, the bay window is the kitchen window and a little further down is our bedroom door.


Below are pics of the basement: some drywall has been hung and there are two rooms finished (sort of).

063 064 065 067 069

The shower…looks like they were thinking of doing something with it…I don’t think we can actually hook it up as there is no plumbing for a bathroom downstairs…and that dog pen needs to go!

And here’s the view from behind the home. So, there you have it friends…the answer to your prayers and ours. I could have never imagined such a home for us! Thanks for lifting us up and encouraging us along the way!

You were right, God had something fantastic for us.

6 thoughts on “Prayers have been answered…

  1. Wow! Isn’t this story a testament of how God’s timeline is so much better than our own? Blessings to you in your huge new home!

  2. The walk out basement has a lot of potential! I can’t believe what a great home you ended up with! What an answer to prayer and a place for your family to really stretch out and be comfortable! There are so many unique features (the fireplace, the jack and jill bathrooms, the porch and columns). It will be fun to decorate, I’m sure! Yay! Thank the Lord for His provision. 🙂

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