9 months and counting…

Our family will be going through a change in 9 months…

Some of you are thinking, Is Jenny pregnant again!!??

I’m not pregnant. And that statement alone freaks me out ’cause I’ve said it before only to find out I was pregnant when I said it…but that’s another blog with a happy ending.

He’s our happy ending

So, instead of welcoming a new little one into our arms, we’ll welcome America! Our family will be packing up our things and moving back to America in June of 2013.ย  And not…returning…to China.


Not easy to explain how that above statement makes me feel. Since we decided to move back about a month ago, I have had a constant flow ofย  different emotions.

I want to tell you how scary America seems to me, but don’t know where to start.

I mean seriously, have you read the headlines lately? I know, you’re probably thinking, seriously Jenny, you live in a Communist country!

But because of my lack of language skills and because it is a Communist country (they don’t allow certain stuff on the news), I’m clueless to all the news reports about killings/murders, kidnaps, child abuse…I’ve been living in a news void for 6 years!

Another happy ending…I seem to be in the habit of making them

I want to explain how excited I am too, day dreams of mini vans, backyards, and dryers float in my mind. And the very thought of having family nearby makes me smile every time. Okay, not EVERY time, sometimes it’s nice to have an ocean between me and family drama; but other times, I just want that hug, that understanding that only family can give.

I want to express how I feel like I’ve missed out on some things and now I only have 9 months to try again orย  maybe I didn’t miss out and that’s the lesson I’m still learning.

And how much I will miss China and how I don’t know how to say goodbye to it. Saying goodbye was easier in America ’cause I knew I’d be back in about 2 years, but not so this June; once I leave, I don’t have 2 years to look forward to a visit. When I board that plane, it’s done.

How do I say goodbye when so much of me is here?

With tears in her eyes, Jolie said this upon hearing about our move to America, “I got my wish, but I’m not sure I want it anymore.”

In 9 months our family is going to go through a big change, and yet, it’s already happening…



10 thoughts on “9 months and counting…

  1. My heart goes out to you. I can imagine how torn you are right now… being caught between two worlds you love. I have a feeling God will use these next 9 months to prepare your heart for the move, and you’ll be ready then. I know it will still be terribly hard to leave the place you’ve called home for the last 6 years. I’ll pray for you. Best wishes to your whole family!!

  2. Wow Jenny….you sure do know how to peak interest with your title. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Precious pictures of your family. I’m sure that this decision was not easy and will be quite a journey. I think Jolie summed up a lot of human nature and struggle with her statement “I got my wish, but I’m not sure I want it anymore”. You all have served well, and sacrificed much there in China, and I’m sure there are great blessings in store for your family back in the states. I’ll be praying for you!

  3. Love the happy endings! We will lift you up through this change. May God continue to work in, through, and around you (pl)- and may you be blessed with eyes, ears, and a hearts that know it.

  4. Yes, I admit, I had fun with the title! Thanks for your encouragement, it’s exciting and sad all at once, I’ll need the 9 months for sure to ready myself!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Lynda,
    I have a feeling you know about being in a different place and loving the place you left behind! regardless if it’s an ocean or a few miles, it’s not easy to leave what we love and have known! I think you’re right, I’ll need those 9 months to prepare, we’re all excited and slightly nervous too…much to process right now! Thanks for praying.

  6. Jenny…..so excited for you. You and your family have given so much to the people you have ministered to in the last six years. You are to be commended for unselfishly given up the comforts of US to live in China.
    May God give you all peace as you prepare to move back home!!!

  7. I can only imagine how you are torn between your home(s) all of Fathers creation is so beautiful and can bring a tear of appreciation. I also know Father has a plan for you. Not to mention the fact there are places back home where you can continue to bring others to a relationship with Father. I know your family and your church family have missed you and are excited about getting to know your new additions to your family. We are all so proud of your whole family, you have been a prime example of what Father wants from His children. Cannot wait until you are home for good. May Father bless each one of you and may you have safe travels. Will keep you in our prayers.

  8. Jenny, I have experienced this same emotion, although not to the degree you are I am sure. The worst part is the anticipation and actual days surrounding the event. Once the jump is made it gets better. You will have precious memories. It is in some ways like anticipating a death and the emotions (and how you handle them) is similar to grief. I am praying for you. Won’t heaven be wonderful when we won’t have to be separated across so many miles with all the brothers and sisters we love!! We will all be together FOREVER!!!

  9. You already know my response! But.. let me also take a minute to say a few other things. I have been praying for all of you. It has been 6yrs. of living in faith.Faith that you are where He wants you,doing what He wants you to do. Faith that He will meet all your needs..and provide for you to meet the needs of others. He has been faithful to do exactly that. Both Peter and you have been faithful to Him. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sooo with that being said,He will see you through the next 9mo. with the same faithfulness you have been depending on Him for. Your journey in Him will always continue on whether in China or the States!! Take comfort in the thought that He is Faithful. He will give you the strength to move forward.He will prepare your way once again.. Well done good and faithful servants!! He has a new and exciting plan waiting for you! I am thanking God you all are coming home!!!!!

  10. Mom: Such wise words! He is has always been faithful and there’s no reason to doubt Him now! Thanks for the encouragement.

    Christy: So true, Heaven is truly our only home with no goodbyes!!

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