Jolie’s new name: Gold Star

Recently Jolie changed her name from “Peace” to “Silver Star” to finally, “Gold Star”.

Funny thing is, after she changed her name to “Gold Star,” she was given a chance to be just that! A star on a commercial!

An airline representative called our international school and asked if they could shoot a commercial for their new route from Shenyang to Canada with the help of some of the expat students. They also mentioned needing one student who could do an additional shooting at the airport and be there for the grand opening of the new route. After meeting Jolie at the school, they chose her for the role and she was more than pleased!

Waiting for her cue!

There was a lot of waiting, waiting, and waiting! She did an excellent job trying to be patient and walk just right for the shot.

At the airport where passengers walk down from their planes to get their baggage. We have walked this hallway many times, but never thought we'd see Jolie there getting makeup on!
Recording her talking with a construction worker at the new terminal 3!
After a long 2 days we finish the commercial at the recording studio. Here she is having her voice recorded speaking Chinese with the help of our dear friend.

Last but not least, here are the videos for your preview! One exciting part for Jolie and the students was that while they were resting and trying to get ready for the next shot, the students decided to sing a Christian song. Although it was an impromptu singing, the camera men actually recorded it and it’s on the video! You can imagine how blessed and pleased they were to hear their voices giving praise to God!

Video 1, click here, is the grand finale–all the “important” guests with Jolie coming in at the end to present the director with the glass jar of maple leaves.

Video 2, click here, is at the school. It is of some of the expat students; it starts with them singing and advertises the new route to Canada.

Lastly, Video 3, click here, is of Jolie at the airport. It took her two days to film and as she says, “I realize now it’s a lot tougher than I thought to film things!”


6 thoughts on “Jolie’s new name: Gold Star

  1. Jolie, “Gold Star” did wonderful! She looked beautiful. How fun to see her doing this>

  2. What a great reminder that BIG dreams can come true. I was is awe at how God got every detail just right!! You truely are his gold star! May he continue to bless you and everyone you touch!

  3. Love the pics. I have to figure out how to play videos. They wouldn’t play;(. Looking forward to viewing them.

  4. Hey Susie!
    Peter says that it can take a long time for the videos load depending on your internet connection. Hope that helps!

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