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At first, this blog was written for those in the States that wanted to watch our life unfold in China. Consequently, many of the early posts are about China, our life there, and the new culture we learned about.

After returning in 2013, I would find my kids looking at old posts, reminiscing about their lives in China, and I realized how our blog was now more for them than for anyone else. The name has changed from “Simmonds’ in China” to “Our Gilead”. The Hebrew word Gilead  means “a monument of testimony” and I chose the picture of a pile of stones to represent how God often had His people pile up rocks for future generations to see where He had performed a miracle.

“Our Gilead” is a written monument of testimony to what God is doing through our lives, it’s my way of piling up stories for my children, my grandchildren and generations after me.


4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello,Jenny. Thanks for giving me so wonderful stories and beautiful picutures here. I like your family’s website.Meanwhile Many Chinese like Peter’s English teaching, His lessons sounded like special Music works and paintings from The Bible.I remember the last new lesson in yesterday evening ,he gave us a best title as The Tapestry ,I reviewed Genesis 1. There was a famous movie , SISSI, Princess Sissi ‘ fathere said one Linien:Let us go outside to see this place,every tree,every flower and every grass let us to see the existence of God. They give us comfort and strength. Thank you carried one picture to living room also……
    Enjoy your life in China.
    Best wishes from Catherina.

  2. I am so glad to see how the family is doing. I am still in Shenyang teaching. I am eternally grateful for the couple of times we were able to meet up in Shenyang. I have great memories of the whole family! -Donald

  3. Awe, thanks Donald, appreciate that compliment of our family. I was just wondering the other day if you were still in SY! Have some jiaozi for us 🙂

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